Sean "Boom" Seaberg

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Sean standing in front of his "never stop" lettering painted on the wallMy life has been about fitness for a long time. I’ve lifted since I was 11 years old. I’ve worked in gyms since I was 15 years old. I have spent over 23,000 hours of my life just working in gyms and with members. Not including the extra time I’ve spent just being in gyms. This is my life. The amount I’ve been able to absorb over the years just by way of experience is tremendous. I’ve always had an instinctive interest in human mechanics, physiology, and physics.

I have been involved with sports since the age of 6. I love sports and fitness. It is the first step in improving and growth in my honest opinion. With exercise and sports we can grow physically, mentally, and emotionally even if it’s not the answer to everything in life it can be a catalyst to being aware as well as confident in a way that is hard to understand if you don’t workout. This thing is about health first and everything else after.

I’m a fan of longevity. I believe in pushing our limits while remaining vigilant in the process. Being healthy is more than just our physiological system, we need to be aware of proper training and rehabilitation of any damage we come across with this vessel were are granted.

I have been lucky to train with coaches of all kinds over the years and trainers who I have been able to take different things away from in an attempt to take all the best parts of everything I’ve learned while trying to master my own style of training. I love helping people. I love coaching and I find immense satisfaction in seeing people grow.

I’ve been privileged to have the clients I do now, especially the ones that have stayed for the long haul and understand it’s not about a 3-6 month weight loss goal or vacation. This whole process only gets better with time. I know most of my loyal clients would be fine if I was gone tomorrow, but I also know how much potential they all have, that I’m not sure they even realize all the time.

I want everyone to realize their potential. I like to think I’m not only coaching athletes and fitness, but that I’m instilling a self awareness that wasn’t always there. I don’t say this in a self serving way. I truly believe I help my clients on a level most people won’t ever get a chance to experience in this field. Watching my warriors grow fills me with pride, not for myself, but for them.

Currently Training for:

MMA (Combat Zone), BJJ (NAGA, IBJJF, TCO)


  • Triton Regional High School
  • Northern Essex Community College

Other Skills:

  • Business Development
  • Cooking
  • Security Management
  • Developmental Guidance

Athletic History:

  • 20 Years of Football (4 Semi-Pro w/ MMV Crush)
  • 2 Years of Coaching Semi-Pro Football
  • 15 Years of Wrestling
  • 4 Years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training & Competition (Record 8-2 won 3 tournaments of 5)
  • 6 Years of Boxing and Kickboxing Training
  • 6 Years of Mixed Martial Arts Training (Record 1-1)


  • Multi Sport Athlete throughout Jr. High and High School. (Soccer, Football, Track, and Wrestling.)
  • Played RB, SS, KR, CB for the Haverhill Crush N.E.F.L. (Avg. 5+ yards a carry RB & Avg. 25+ yards KR )
  • BJJ (Record 8-2 Won 3 Tournaments of 5) 2nd place finish at 2013 Boston Open
  • MMA Record 1-1 First win in 2014 (Taking the fight on a weeks notice)
  • Ran a hand timed 5.4 second 50 yard dash in 2013 (MMV Pride Cash Prize contest)