Getting Started

Step #1 Free Orientation

Becoming a part of a community that has the same goals of improvement will be the best decision you ever made.

When you decide Boom! Athletics is the right choice for you, you will schedule an appointment for a free orientation which will be a brief overview of some basic form evaluations and a consult to discuss what Package or membership best suits your needs.

If group classes are the route we decide makes sense, we require that you sign up for the Fundamentals course (Included in all group contract sign ups). This is a 3-6-class progression that introduces you to the fundamentals of Boom! Athletics. Our classes teach and review the movements in a progressive, conservative way so that when you complete them you will be able to safely and effectively participate in a regular Strength plus classes. Learning the base movements, skills, and methods during fundamentals training will allow us to scale your training effectively and efficiently to your ability.

Once you decide to become part of the Boom! Athletics Community you can sign up with us.

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Step #2 Follow Up Session

This follow up session will ensure you’re on the right track and learning the proper exercises for your path. This session is much cheaper than a normal private session, but gives you the same attention and will help you decide which path to choose if it isn’t clear initially.

While doing a follow up to our initial meeting we will go over all fundamentals and assessments to find where your physical level and limits are. From there you will finish off your session with 1 or 2 challenges depending on what your coach decides is best for you.

Step #3 Using MindBody

Using MindBody is easy and seamless. Using this system you can sign into our site and join with us in less than 5 minutes.

Once you’re signed up you can download the MindBody Connect app onto your smartphone and sign into sessions, classes, seminars, or workshops with ease.

Step #4 Re-Eval Session

Every 6 months we will have you sign up for an ReEval so we can check your forms individually and go over techniques to make sure everything is on point!

We will check your strengths and weaknesses and add your score into your profile. Members will be able to level up with our point system and develop their skills while moving up in what we call “Warrior Ranking”.

Add stripes and work your way up the ranks to become an elite warrior in our training system by building strength, balance, stability, speed, endurance, agility, focus, martial & other athletic skills.

We will keep your goals in mind and focus on always progressing you to your next level!