sushi-with-avocado-carrot-and-cucumber-large-147_1024_685_80Main Lift: Bench Press (Pause Reps)
Sets 10
Reps 9
RPE Range: 7

Secondary Lifts: Pull Ups
Sets 5
Reps 6

Handstand progression to walking on hands

Conditioning Challenges:
Type Ballistic
Time 8 Minutes   (10 seconds 100%, 20 Seconds Rest)

BB Rows
Mt. Climbers

In & Ext. Rotation w bands
IYT Raises
Pass Thru

MMA Programming

Main Lift: Same unless shoulder issue then floor press

Additional: Reverse Lunge into Knee lift w/KB Press at the top
Sets 5
Reps 6

Skill: Reaction Get up sprawl (Can add weighted vest)
description. Get up as fast as possible from back and then sprawling. Use a partner to shoot if possible
10 Rounds of Switch Step x20
10 Round of double taps x20

BodyBuilding + Figure

Focus: Chest & Abs

Lift 1: Bench Press

Sets 10
Reps 9

Lift 2: DB Incline Flies
Sets 3
Reps 8

Lift 3: Hanging Leg Raises
Sets 5
Reps 10

Lift 4: Side crunches
Sets 3
Reps 10